Icheon International Sculpture Symposium Studio is located in Seolbong Park. Seolbong Park is a park located in Gwango-dong, Icheon-si. Located at the foot of Seolbongsan Mountain, the Jinsan Mountain of Icheon, Seolbong Park, which combines Seolbongsan Mountain in the east of Icheon-si and Seolbongho Lake, which boasts a 99㎢ area, is a representative park facility in Icheon, a plains area in southern Gyeonggi-do. In Seolbong Park, there are International Sculpture Park, Icheon City Museum, Ceramic Park, Munhakdongsan Mountain, Seolbong Lake, Yeongwolam Hermitage, Performance Hall, Icheon Woljeon Art Museum, and Yaksu Site, and it is also a meaningful place where Icheon International Sculpture Symposium is held.
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