The purpose of a project
                                    The Icheon International Sculpture Symposium is a long-term sculpture art activity of 25 times, representing Korea and Icheon. It has become the most influential international event as a single sculpture event at home and abroad. However, despite its long history, it is said that it has not moved the hearts of Icheon City officials and citizens. As part of efforts to reflect on the past and reality of the Icheon International Sculpture Symposium and to grow into an international sculpture symposium, the academic symposium was designed to prepare for the upcoming 30th anniversary event and explore the future direction of the Icheon International Sculpture Symposium.

October 25th or 26th – scheduled (*The schedule may change depending on the situation.)


Domestic art critic, sculptor, head of each institution, art gallery, etc


Book to be published.

Related Keywords

Symposium, Sculpture, Publicity, Direction, Historicality, Icheon, Asia, Art, City, World Art Events (Various Biennale, Symposium, etc.), Sculpture Park

Venue of the event

Icheon Art Hall S Performance Hall (planned)


Icheon-si, Foundation officials, art majors, students majoring in art, general citizens, etc

Status and Prospects of Local Art Events
  1. 1. The Value of Symposium and Future Mid- to Long-Term Development Plan-History, Future and Direction
                                Development of Icheon International Sculpture Symposium
                                - Ha Gye-hoon (art critic, chairman of the Gangwon International Triennale)
  2. 2. Case Analysis of Local Art Events and Sculpture Parks at Home and Home - Space, Beauty, and Energy
                                The Meeting of Art and City <Pohang Steel Art Festival - Blacksmith of the New Iron Age>
                                - Kim Gap-soo (Director of Pohang Museum of Art)
                                About the Münster Sculpture Project
                                - Oh Sang-il (Ph.D. in Fine Arts, former professor at Hongik University's Graduate School of Fine Arts)
                                Seoul Olympic Legacy Sculpture Park <Focusing on the 1st and 2nd International Outdoor Sculpture Symposium>
                                - Son Sung-jin (curator of the preparation team at the National Sports Museum and senior curator at the former Soma Museum of Art)
  3. 3. The Necessity of Establishing a System for Local Art Events
                                Recommendation on the Operation Direction of the Icheon International Sculpture Symposium <Leap of Icheon's creative city and use it as a key anchor for new growth engines>
                                - Lee Hong-won (Lee Hong-won, head of the art museum's art museum, former secretary general of the World Ceramic Biennale)
  4. 4. Discussion on the current status and challenges of local art events at home and abroad and future development directions